About Us


I have been an enthusiastic photographer for most of my adult life, starting, as many people did, with film and producing prints and slides through the magical darkroom process. Digital imaging brought a whole new world and I wanted to embrace it fully with my photography by producing both digital images and fine art prints. The range of papers now available take digital printing to a whole new exciting level, in both colour and monochrome.

I juggled my photography with a career for almost 40 years, but now having retired I have the time to explore a variety of photographic pursuits and techniques, many of which are shown in my galleries. As you will see my work could be described as 'somewhat diverse' or 'lacking a common theme' but I find the opportunities for photographic subjects too varied and exciting to be constrained by one or two subjects.

During my photographic career I have had photos exhibited all over the world and had a number of exhibitions of my work. I have also taught photography at adult education colleges. I have belonged to photographic clubs and societies in Hampshire and Surrey and now in Cumbria where I have lived since my retirement. I am currently Chairman of The South Lakes Photo Group & Vice Chairman and Programme Secretary for Keswick Photographic Society.

After spending many years at the back of the room, along with others, criticising judge's opinions, I thought it was time I did something other than complain, so I enrolled myself on a judge's course and also set about gaining photographic distinctions, both here in the UK and abroad.

I am registered as a Federation judge under the Northern Counties Photographic Federation, affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) and I judge at Open Exhibitions , the Federation and both club and inter-club competitions. I hold distinctions with the Royal Photographic Society, Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, Photographic Society of America and Federation Internationale Del'Art Photographique

I have several books of my travel images published through BLURB. I also give illustrated talks , both digital and print, which cover a range of photographic topics, including Travel and Nature. (see list of talks)

As a judge I enjoy the interaction and passion of judging photography competitions in clubs and societies. I feel it is important to give positive feedback to encourage other photographers rather than smart comments about technique or 'how I would have taken it'. It is a great privilege to be asked to look at people's photographs and it never ceases to give me immense pleasure. My love of all types and styles of photography means I am always inspired by looking at a set of images for the first time and sharing an evening talking about them. I am sure there are still people sitting in the dark muttering about me, but I genuinely hope I have helped others to get the pleasure I have from photography.


I have enjoyed photography for over 30 years, but it is only since I retired at the end of 2006 that I've had sufficient time to develop my skills.

I am interested in most areas of photography but I particularly enjoy landscape, nature and travel photography. Photography has taken me all over the world with Alan, in pursuit of new images and while I enjoy photography, the new experiences that this travel has exposed me to are equally important. I have been privileged to visit all seven continents of the world where I have learnt about different people and cultures, watched unique and sometimes endangered wildlife and travelled through amazing landscapes. Closer to home I have undertaken some studio work but need much more practise, and have tried my hand at sports photography, photo journalism and macro photography. I have also produced a few composite images which I find fun to work on but very time consuming. If only there were more hours in the day!

I also have a special interest in infra red photography and I belong to a digital group run by the Photographic Society of America. The group comprises seven members who each submit an image every month which is then critiqued by the other members.

I am currently Secretary of Keswick Photographic Society where I enjoy competing in the club and interclub competitions. I am also a member of the South Lakes Photo Group and have previously belonged to several other photographic clubs in Cumbria, where I have lived since 2008, and in Surrey where I previously lived

I regularly enter international salons which has led to me gaining the distinctions of EPSA and EFIAP. I have also gained an ARPS in visual art and a DPAGB in recent years. I am continuing to learn and develop my photography.

We use Canon equipment:- 1DXMk2, R5 mirrorless,R6 Mirrorless RP Mirrorless, RF 24-240mm, RF 35mm F1.8, RF 100-500, 200-400mm F4, 300mm 2.8, 100-400mm, 70-300mm, 24-105mm, 8-16mm fish eye, 16-35mm, 100mm Macro, 50mm 1.4.
We print on an Epson 3880