Alan and Julie Walker do talks for clubs and societies on a number of photographic subjects with the aid of projected digital images and prints.
Currently we have the following talks:-
'Getting the best photographically from your Travels'
An illustrated talk about the planning and execution of successful photographic trips. How to come back with competition images rather than holiday snaps !

'Discovering Nature Photography Part 1........Galapagos and beyond'
A talk about our journey to discover Nature Photography both in the UK and abroad, including the joys and frustrations of capturing those illusive competition winning images.

Re-vamped for 2016/17 season 'What makes a Successful image....depends upon which judge you ask !'
Now incorporating a successful MPAGB panel, the talk analyses what turns judges on ! We look at and discuss together successful and (not so successful) RPS, PAGB, and Camera Club images and try to discover what makes that illusive winning image.

'Out of Africa........a Photographer's Safari'
The talk is packed full of photographs about the trials and tribulations of trying to capture something a little bit different from the stunning wildlife and landscape in Namibia, Botswana and Kenya.

'The Wild, Wild West in Winter.............the wildlife and snowy landscape of Montana, Wyoming and Utah'
A look at this stunningly beautiful landscape and the wildlife it supports in temperatures below -25C !

'Hot and Cold' ..........A photographic journey from the hot tropical northern Argentina, through Chile's Atacama Desert down to Tierra Del Fuego at the southern tip of South America to Antarctica taking in the Falklands and South Georgia'
The talk covers the landscape and wildlife of the diverse environment together with the street life of Buenos Aries.

'Discovering Nature Photography Part 2.........Alaska and Beyond'
We continue our journey in pursuit of different nature images both around the world and here in the UK, starting with the iconic Grizzly Bear salmon fishing in Alaska and then including desert wildlife, some birdlife in Texas and Oregon, and the penguins of the Antarctic before returning to the UK to photograph Raptors, Voles and Mice.

'Discovering Nature Photography Part 3.......Costa Rica and Beyond'
Still pursuing nature images we continue the journey this time from Costa Rica to Kenya in the rain, taking in a snowy Finland looking for Bears and the Cairngorms in the snow, along with many other UK adventures on the way.

New for 2019 'Discovering Nature Photography Part 4.........Japan and Beyond'
This pushes us to our limits to capture wildlife in extreme conditions of cold and snow in Japan, a hot and dusty Kalahari Desert and back to the cold again for Polar Bears in Churchill Canada. All this together with snow Hares in the Scottish Cairngorms and other UK wildlife.

New for 2019 'From Africa's Savannah to the Kalahari Desert'.....A talk contrasting the wildlife and landscape of these two vast African wildernesses. We look at the Serengeti after the rains start with animals under magnificent storm skies and by complete contrast visit the dust bowl of the Kalahari Desert where water is constantly sought by the animal and bird population.

We also have several shorter talks which are more suitable for non photographic groups or Camera Clubs looking for a shorter 'travel log' type talk. These are:

'Cuba - People, Places and Colour' ... A photographic journey through Cuba focusing on the places we visited and the people we saw there.

'Vietnam and Cambodia' .... A photographic journey through these two countries which looks at the places we visited, including the ancient temples of Siam Reap and the amazing stilt and floating villages of Lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia and the colourful mountain tribes of the far north of Vietnam.

'Myanmar (Burma)' ... A photographic record of our visit to Myanmar including the people and temples of Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

Forthcoming talks:

7.30 p.m. Monday 10th September 2018 for Wimborne CC - 'Hot and Cold'
7.15 p.m. Monday 8th October for Barrow Nature Group - 'Out of Africa'
7.45 p.m. Friday 19th October for Holme P.S. - 'What Makes a Successful Picture'
7.30 p.m. Tuesday 8th January for Carlisle P.S. - 'Costa Rica and Beyond'
7.30 p.m. Wednesday 23rd January 2019 for Leyland PS - Nature Photography Part 3, 'Alaska and Beyond'
7.30 p.m. Wednesday 6th February 2019 for Garstang P.S. - 'Costa Rica and Beyond'
7.30 p.m. Thursday 7th February 2019 for Ulverston P.S. - 'Costa Rica and Beyond'
7.30 p.m. Monday 11th February 2019 for Tynedale Photo Group - 'Wild Wild West'
7.30 p.m. Monday 4th March 2019 for Grange P.S. - 'Costa Rica and Beyond'